How George Lucas could have made the awful Star Wars prequels good

The Star Wars prequels suck. Boring premises, bad scripts, confusing plots, uninteresting motives, and nonexistent character development. But, as this dude explains in this video, they could have been great movies with some very specific changes.

If you watch the two videos, you will see he's right. They could have worked perfectly fine with these changes. And make sense! It's all about building the characters who drive the action. They teach this in Movie Making 101, but many directors—like George Lucas—seem to don't give a fuck as they get old.

What If Star Wars: Episode II Was Actually a Good Movie?

Depending on where you stand as a fan of Star Wars, Star Wars Episode I, II and III either destroyed everything you believed in humanity or were never actually real movies to begin with. But what if in an alternate universe (possibly far far away) that trilogy was actually, like, good? I know, hard to imagine. But it's possible! Belated Media imagined how to make Star Wars: Episode II good and it actually sounds quite fantastic.

There are movie clips, drawings, animations and enough good ideas like focusing on the friendship of Obi Wan and Anakin as opposed to the sappy forbidden love and plot tweaks that I'm totally going to replace my memory of watching Episode II with this YouTube video. Wow! What a great movie! Can't wait for Episode III, am i right? For reference, Belated Media had re-imagined Episode I early last year:

If you don't remember the changes from that video, it might be worth a re-watch as some of the changes in Episode II carry over from Episode I. [Belated Media]