What Is This?

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Interesting but ultimately unhelpful clue: It was created by a man who went by the name Brother Henry O. Studley.

In case the antique aesthetic and outdated honorific didn't give it away, this is a very old piece of hardware. Or rather, a very old collection of hardware: Filled edge to edge with handcrafted woodworking tools, this ornate box is a toolchest, lovingly assembled and carried by Mr. Studley when he was working as a piano repair man, of all things, around the turn of the 20th century.


Virtually every tool in this box has a plasticized, anodized, or even electronic modern counterpart, each one superior in some way to its predecessor, whether by cost, durability, convenience or concept, but uniformly less charming. I mean, look at this. This is a man's livelihood, perfectly assembled, cleaned and organized, in a proud, beautiful wooden box. All I've got is this broken down MacBook, and a shoulder bag. [Phoenix Masonry via MAKE]