What Is This?

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Why, it's none other than a collection of cameras and recording devices for a guy who volunteered to go into the Yukon wilderness with as little survival equipment as possible.

That man is filmmaker Ed Wardle. He's been followed by National Geographic for about three months and all that equipment in the image is what's been documenting the whole thing. The documentary is called Alone in the Wild, and it's kind of like Man Vs. Wild except, you know, without the script.


There's also a Twitter feed, which produced gems like this one: "PORCUPINE LIKE A FATTY FOREST RAT. IF I HAD A CHOICE WHATS BETR 4 ME HERE, FAT OR MEAT?" Apparently being in the wild requires caps lock to be on at all times, lest the bears no longer fear you and attack. [National Geographic via Dark Roasted Blend]