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A homeless man's shopping cart for the beach? A laundry machine for the ocean? Maybe an all-in-one barbecue kit? Nope, it's actually a centuries old machine that requires extreme skill.


It's a 'mud horse', which is a centuries old, hand built wooden sledge used by fisherman. The man pushing it, Adrian Sellick, believes he's the last person in the world to use this technique to fish. How does it work?

[Sellick] lies on his belly and pushes the wooden sledge across mudflats. The bizarre technique allows him to get to the tide's edge where he batters stakes in to the mud and strings nets between them to catch shrimp.

After the tide comes in and the waters withdraw, the fish and shrimps appear. The fish will likely be cod and whiting in the winter; skate and sea bass in the summer.


Sellick believes maneuvering the mud-horse is "in your blood" and as his four kids haven't picked up the skill, he's hoping a grandkid will, or this extremely odd method of fishing will be gone forever. [Telegraph UK]

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Some things should be gone forever, like using chamberpots, disco, and last man standing rules slapfights. This is one of those things.