What Is This?

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A white Rubik's cube? Square snow flakes? Some sort of stress ball? Not quite. The answer is a spoilerishly interesting theory for the upcoming movie Super 8.

Of course with spoilers being spoilers, if you want to watch Super 8 with a clean slate you should probably click away now. I know I would have.


Anyway! The theory floating around is that these white Rubik's cube are actually the E.T./monster/alien life form in the movie. Latino Review has pieced together evidence from trailers and viral videos that suggest the mysterious creature in Super 8 isn't the classic living, breathing beast or the doe eyed cutesy we come in piece types. It might actually be some sort of object (think Flubber without the Flub).


Of course with theories being theories, I wouldn't exactly be surprised if there was more to the white Rubik's cube than what the Latino Review thinks. They do piece together a mighty fine case though. The cube pops up in laboratories, the kids interact with it, it leaves a hole in the wall as it flies out of a room and in a viral video, scientists could be heard saying:

"Exposing the crowd to a barrage of," and "…Even more surprising the biological attributes, most remarkably…"


What do you guys think? Is this it? Or is there more? Either way, I want to see this movie. [Super 8 via Latino Review, Watch Play Read]