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What Is This?

Illustration for article titled What Is This?

Is this an image of some horrible irradiated wasteland? Maybe this is what happens when Lindsay Lohan wades into the ocean at night? No, it's actually a celebration, not cause for a full-body acid wash.


Actually, that's not entirely off base. It's a long-exposure image of a celebration of Corpus Christi, a Catholic holiday where everyone in Brazil dresses up like a devil and dances around. Here, celebrants in Brazil are carrying candles past a citadel in Brasilia. It's a bit of a pity, though: I was just warming up my McConaughey Reign of Fire impersonation. [Eraldo Peres/AP, InFocus]

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...a Catholic holiday, named (translated) "The Body of Christ", where people do what? Dress up like devils and dance around?

I'd think that super-religious Christians would frown upon that stuff?

-IMP ;) :)