Is that a proton torpedo exploding through space? Nah. Maybe the world's most incredibly unsafe powerline crackling in the night sky? Or how about a CGI bit from The Hobbit? Well, no, but close. It has to do with a dragon, see.

The photo is actually of fireworks, shot during a Lunar New Year celebration in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Gizmodo reader Crystal sent in the purdy effect. Here's how she got the shot:

My cousin had an assortment of fireworks for the Chinese New Year celebration and I decided to photograph some of them in his backyard. A Canon 450D on a tripod was used to shoot it and the results for this particular type of firework surprised me. Here are the shooting details:

Focal length: 18mm
Shutter Speed: 2.5 secs
Aperture: f/10

It's a gorgeous shot, and a reminder that you guys take great photos when you're not slaving away on the latest shooting challenge. [TheRoyalRebel Photography]


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Thanks Crystal!

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