What Is This?

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Are these geodes? Is that a view from inside Hef's grotto? Kate Bush's brainmap? Nope! None of the above.


Photojournalist William Miller picked up an old SX-70 Polaroid instant at a flea market, not knowing that the camera was finicky and damaged goods. Instead of scrapping it for junk, when he discovered the camera's handicap, Miller was inspired and began tinkering around with the kinds of colors and patterns it could create.

Old technology, new art! See that, Facebook? Cool camera art doesn't always have to cost $1 billion. [Lancia Trend Visions via Ffffound]

Illustration for article titled What Is This?

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Blathering Seagulls

The SX-70 is one of the nicest looking and feeling pieces of kit I've ever encountered. More gadgets need to be made of aluminum and leather.