What You Missed Last Weekend

If you put the words "weekend" and "roundup" together, what do you get? All this:
•A fellow from Pennsylvania filed a $5billion law suit against Google.
•Microsoft patent discovered that indicated some cool Zune WiFi features.
•SRI International talked about zero gravity surgery.
•We found some unofficial MacBooks in aluminum.
•YouNeverCall pledged $10,000 to the first cell phone caller from the moon.

•Acer kicked out fresh updates to their Aspire and Ferrari lines.
•We had a sneak peek at the Wii Zapper package.
•Master Replicas showed off their limited edition Shadow Storm Trooper Helmet.
Alien furniture scared us into wanting it in our homes.
•Sound activated dancing monkeys were pointless, but made us smile.
That's a wrap! Catch you all on the other side of the week.


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