Last weekend, Mark was making his way back from his awesome adventures in Tokyo, so you were all stuck with Jesus and I. Here is what went down:
• Hercules hit 130.7mph on a bicycle.
• Rock band got official release details.
• We discovered how to unbrick iPhones bricked with firmware 1.1.1.

• Later we discovered that previously-bricked iPhones can call as well.
• Audio Technica's ATH-ESW9 cans gave us wood.
• We found out Master Chief's girl is smoking hot.
• iRiver released their second Siren MP3 player.
• Dell promised to go green.
• We spied some kick-ass Lamborghini artwork.
• Gresso got flashy with their Adam & Eve USB flash drives.
• An amazing MIG-29 replica took to the skies for the first time.


Next weekend things will be back to normal, with the usual professionals on the game...and me, too! See you all there.