What You Missed Last Weekend

If you missed us blogging our hearts out across the weekend, here's what went down:
Penryn processors were rumored to be coming to a Mac Pro near you.
•A Class-Action Lawsuit was brought against Apple for their bricking tactics.
Bill Gates had problems getting into Nigeria.
•We interviewed the maker of the gold Macbook Pro.
•We became superheroes with the help of cool X-ray vision type effects.

•We looked at the past weeks winners and losers.
Realtime dynamic 3D blew us away.
Artificial life was created.
•We found a good use for a severed mechanical hand.
•The Yamaha Tesseract concept made us dream of forming an ultra cool Gizmodo bike gang.
•The X-Wing Rocket went boom-boom-bye-bye


We know you are probably very sad that weekend Gizmodo is many days away, but we are here for you whenever, wherever—don't you forget it!

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