We had a super-duper weekend. If you missed it, stop crying like a sissy and check the roundup below:
Apple set a two iPhone limit and stopped accepting iPhone cash purchases.
The Palm Z Silverlit Mini RC flew into our lives.
Leopards were seen marking their territory on PCs throughout the land.
The iPumpkin was added to the pumpkin range.
We went retro with Marantz's CR201 standalone CD player.

We peeked in at $3.4 million home theater.
The Electric Paper Plane Launcher ensured your make believe girlfriend has a good Christmas.
The iPod went all Tony Hawk on us.
We told you about the week's winners and losers.
That's the lot! Catch you on the other side of the week—don't skip us on the weekend again or we'll come looking for you. You'll be sorry when we look at you with our wide puppy dog eyes... so very sorry.