We had a riot across the weekend, there was booze, sex and rock 'n' roll. Sorry you missed it? Well that's what happens when you skip Giz. Here's your chance to catch up:
• We freshened up with Ubuntu cola.
• Sony's new Cybershot ad made us strike a pose.
• NBC Direct went live. Yay! No.
• We re-cut the iPhone ads and made them pervy. Hey, it's what we do.
• We played tunes with our cars.

• We found out the truth about NBC's hacked iPhone.
• The Wiimote met Minority Report.
• We wouldn't punch cops, but this guy would.
• We had an awesome debate about...politics!
• The Death Star pie chart made us remember the ones that were lost.
OK, so there was no sex...no rock 'n' roll, dammit, we didn't even have any booze either. So what? We had a good time, you bet we did, and you missed out. Ha! Be sure not to skip school again, or you'll be the one who's left out again.