The break is over for now, but here is your opportunity to catch up with the best of the extra-long holiday weekend just past:
• We issued a verdict on the Amazon Kindle... in bed.
• We were impressed by Mark Richardson's iMac commercial.
• Rock Band drums went cross platform.
• Our wallets whimpered at the site of MBL's $180,000 speakers.
• We showed you how we got down for Thanksgiving.

• iPod commercials were noted to give real pop-star power.
• We found the coolest case mod, ever.
• We spotted a $10 coupon for your next $30 video game purchase at Best Buy.
Portable nuclear reactors that could provide power to houses directly were discussed.
Sarcos's Exoskeleton showed us awesome power.
• We brought you a roundup of the 10 scariest things appearing in SkyMall's new Holiday 2007 catalog.


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