Last weekend was a hoot. Sure, the news wells are running a little dry before the technology orgasm that shall be CES 2008, but if you missed us on the weekend, boy, did you miss some fun. Here's your chance to catch up:
• Letterman and the WGA reached an exclusive agreement.
• We proved Apple's stock iPod ear buds were not so bad after all.
C-3PO got sexy.
• An anti-capitalist stole a young girl's Christmas present, what a jerk.
• We found the ideal Christmas gift for any anti-capitalist iPod thieves in your life (See above).

• Mr Blu-ray fanboy was up to no good.
• Microsoft left comments open on YouTube; it wasn't a good look for them.
• We went retromodo on you, showing you what became of that Britannica kid.
• We got the low down on Sony's eReader.
• We received video proof of iPhone's firmware 1.1.3 update.


All along, you thought the tubes had become snowed under in all the festivities. Well, you were obviously wrong! Catch you all on the other side of the week & Happy New Year from the entire weekend team.