What You Missed Last Weekend

We were recovering from our crazy week in Vegas, but did we let it stop us blogging you through the weekend? No, Sir. Read on for a roundup of the lazy day goodness.
• The Asus Eee PC went technicolor.
• Benny and Frucci beat Matt and I during an ultimate F1 test. They cheated—Frucci had lube from AVN.
• Sony began to break even on their PS3 sales, finally.
• A radio station in Glasgow launched by giving away free air guitars. Yes, totally free.
• This IR hack was a real bad idea.


• Potential consumer aircraft automobile plans took a large blow.
SkullCandy Double Agent headphones got rid of the need for an MP3 player.
• We glimpsed the real Bill Gates retirement video.
• We showed you cellphone limbo.
• We told you the truth about cellphone reception.


Now get your comfortable pants on and await the holy Macworld to descend upon us.

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you know what I missed last weekend? An explanation for the "Tesla Roadster maybe Cancelled" story that got posted then taken down without explanation. Last I saw it, there were over 8,000 views and around 50 comments — you guys got a bunch of people concerned about the Tesla, then the story just disappeared.