We were recovering from our crazy week in Vegas, but did we let it stop us blogging you through the weekend? No, Sir. Read on for a roundup of the lazy day goodness.
• The Asus Eee PC went technicolor.
• Benny and Frucci beat Matt and I during an ultimate F1 test. They cheated—Frucci had lube from AVN.
• Sony began to break even on their PS3 sales, finally.
• A radio station in Glasgow launched by giving away free air guitars. Yes, totally free.
• This IR hack was a real bad idea.

• Potential consumer aircraft automobile plans took a large blow.
• SkullCandy Double Agent headphones got rid of the need for an MP3 player.
• We glimpsed the real Bill Gates retirement video.
• We showed you cellphone limbo.
• We told you the truth about cellphone reception.


Now get your comfortable pants on and await the holy Macworld to descend upon us.