What You Missed Last Weekend

Did you think your absence last weekend would stop us from blogging like blogging Olympians? Well, it didn't. You're probably sore about missing all the weekend action, but here is your opportunity to catch up:
• We found out the real use for MBA's eject button.
• We peeked into the Batcave.
• We got an update into the console wars.
• We found four good reasons to purchase the MBA.
• We tried to uncover the truth about HD downloads.


• The rumored BlackBerry 9000's specifications were revised for the better.
• We warmed our bitch up.
• We got a glimpse of Apple TV V3.0.
• The MBA lined up with The Usual Suspects.
• The Eee PC got modded to the extreme.

That's you all caught up. Now, click back on the front page—you're missing all the new gadget news. You're just constantly one step behind; how do you live your life?