What You Missed Last Weekend

Too busy to drop in on Giz over the weekend? It's OK, we understand. We get your hectic lifestyle, and we're prepared to work things out with you. We forgive you. Here's what you missed:
• We learned the Maxblaster kills vampires.
• Steve shoved a kid inside a Macbook.
Jedi Ginsu knife. Enough said.
• The iPhone took on a semi...and won.
• Efficient, foldable solar panels made an appearance.

• The Wiimote got a bad-ass, gun-slinging makeover.
Slacker Portable got a glowing review.
• The world's smallest DS didn't play games so well.
• Another problem solved: Snack-sized cigarettes.
Peeing by SMS. WTF?
• Gadget Labs showed us the best gadgets of a time long gone.


That's you all caught up with the weekend's best. Hit the homepage for the latest and greatest in shiny gadgets.

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