So you were watching Spongebob Squarepants all weekend; a reasonable excuse for missing Gizmodo goodness. Here's your chance to catch up:
Elmo wanted to kill a kid.
• Microsoft closed the coffin on HD-DVD.
• The Retailer of the Year thus far lets you swap your HD-DVD players for Blu-ray. Sweet.
• We took a look at the iPhone under a $30,000 electron microscope.
• The iPhone got a plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition mod—WTF?

Intel Dunnington processors were said to be on the way. Six-cores, baby.
• The $500,000 watch was a gem. Well, actually, it had no gems on it whatsoever.
• A B-2 stealth bomber crashed, $1.2 billion went up in smoke.
• We tested out the SNES emulator for the iPhone. Verdict: Playable.
• We saw an exploding wind turbine, Grandpa's Knob and more.


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