What You Missed Last Weekend

Here's the best weekend gadget news you missed because you were working security at the Western White House for the Jenna Bush wedding.
• The iPhones are missing! The iPhones are missing!
• Lextech software can turn your iPhone into a portable surveillance camera control console.
• Forget all that iPhone news, because there's a bulb in Livermore, California that's burned bright for 107 years.
• Justin Timberlake flip-flopped and threw his weight behind a techy new MTV reality show called The Phone.
• Choo! Choo! Conductors of the future rejoice, because there's a new HD simulator rig in town.

• A fleet-fingered, record-breaking Israeli hairdresser cut hair—not ears—using 10 scissors at once.
• If MacGruber's son isn't gay, then what was that in his backpack?
• We learned how to love LEGO blocks and the men who love building with them.
• The Zeppelin returned, albeit in a slightly less flammable variety.
• Doctors in San Diego removed a man's appendix by going through his stomach and sucking it out his mouth.


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