What You Missed Last Weekend

So, you missed out on Gizmodo's stellar weekend coverage because you got lost in a mysterious wardrobe, and ended up in a thinly veiled religious war with talking animals. No biggie. Here's the crème de la crème.
• A replica of the supersonic helicopter from Airwolf was for sale, and still smelled like Jan-Michael Vincent.
• Chen looked into Microsoft's Mediaroom IPTV and it kicked cable and satellite's butt.
• A gorgeous set of microwaved CDs dazzled the eyes, but ruined the microwave.
• Apple went to war. BOOM!
Firefox 3 Release Candidate 1 (with bugs) is available for download.

• The coffee table fireplace threatened the sanctuary of piled up mail order catalogs everywhere.
• The most dangerous enemy one soldier encountered overseas turned out to be a puddle.
• Japan's Aveilan virtual fitting rooms turn you into a paper doll!
• Oscar Pistorius is officially eligible for the Olympics, prosthetic legs and all.
• Revolve power strip posts look cool, probably kill cats.


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