You and Indiana Jones were grillin' dogs and battling another George Lucas catastrophe, you say? That's why you missed Gizmodo's weekend gadget news? Don't worry. Here's a round up of our unmatched weekend coverage.
• There was a freighter stocked with unnamed Apple products spotted off U.S. shores. Probably just new turtlenecks.
• A Japanese scientist, with many witnesses, produced a cold fusion reaction.
• New Photoshop, thy new power is super speed.
• A French skydiver either broke a bunch of records or every bone in his body.
• The world's first solar-powered speedboat can hit 30 knots.

• Custom GPS + Briefcase + DHS marketing = Biggest Picture In The World.
• NASA's 422-million mile journey to Mars ended with a TOUCHDOWN!
• Hop-On's latest "disposable" cell phone is convenient, but it's missing something...
• They made Slime a sex toy? It's like they went back in time and punched my childhood in the face.
• iPhone cases with nothing to lose fought to the death. But who won?


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