What You Missed Last Weekend

iPhone. iPhone, iPhone, iPhone. iPhone! iPhone? iPhone. Oh, hello there. You missed Gizmodo's weekend coverage because you're allergic to iPhone? That's OK, I'm sure there's no iPhone news to be found here today. Read this:
• iPhone 2 pics were leaked at the Eleventh Hour. The phone now comes in a new color: fake.
• The Financial Times said cheap, subsidized iPhones will rain from the sky.
• An Italian artist replaced brick wall holes with old, useless last-gen iPhones. Kidding! It was Lego blocks.
• President Bush greenlit $45 million in funding for a Maglev train powered by an iPhone hive mind.
• Battlemodo: Blam attached iPhones video goggles to his face and compared notes.

• iPhone mock ups from Wired probably look better than what'll appear at WWDC.
• Microsoft will "upstage" Apple at WWDC with a super secret Xbox 360 Blu-Ray announcement!
• It happens to a lot of probes: Phoenix experienced some premature excavation. Get it an iPhone with GPS, stat.
• No iPhones in this bullet point. Just some awesome classic photographs recreated with Lego blocks.
• Tragedy: A pathetic madman killed seven in Japan's gadget town, Akihabara.


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