Thanks for convincing the Saudis to up oil production. Really, the SUVs of the world thank you, but it meant missing the greatest weekend gadget news ever written. Bad oil tycoon. Read this:
• Gizmodo's own Mark Wilson got caught up in a dangerous tornado, but it was no match for the power of YouTube.
• Comcast may be bad, but their 10 million pixel super screen looks real good.
• The 750,000-brick Lego Kennedy Space Center replica should be a new wonder of the world.
• Russians in the city of Zheleznovodsk are just a regular bunch of folks that love enemas.
• Record broken: Students in Latvia put Mentos in Coke, stepped back, and made history.

• Battle of the Geek Sex Gods: Big Bill Gates versus His Steveness.
• A major iPhone f-up turned into another popular Gizmodo caption contest.
• The cuddly robot of the future, Wall-E, went retro with some sweet 1950s propaganda posters.
• Think your IT department is snooping on you? You're not alone, so answer our Question of the Day.
Internet dating cake tastes just like the real thing—desperate! (kidding!!!)