What You Missed Last Weekend

I met three little pigs this weekend. One had made a house of straw, and the second a house of sticks. The last pig, from Cupertino, made his sturdy house out of bricked iPhone 3G's. Here's the rest of what happened here on Gizmodo over the weekend, in a convenient "best of" format:
• DIY laser engraving has never been easier, more accessible, and dangerous to the common man.
• IR sensor plus faucet equals one pampered—and hydrated—kitty.
• Forget comfort; Microsoft's new semi-circle travel mouse is drool-worthy.
• The iPhone 3G: Will it ble—you know what? It did. It blended. There, I ruined the bit.
• Apple's MobileMe OS X update was available for the very first time, again.


Wozniak REDEEMED! Bad reporting and sour iPhone line sitters tried to tarnish his name, but failed miserably.
• Want to jump to the head of the Apple App store class? Just put a space before your app's name and cash in.
• The real first live shots of the touchscreen Blackberry Thunder were spotted in the wild.
• Those yellowish iPhone 3G screens we told you about were by design, Apple said.
• There was a quick update to Gizmodo's iPhone 3G review as the 3G reception got noticeably better with age.



FYI: Link to the mouse seems to be broken.