How did Sen. Barack Obama fit all you guys and gals on his plane ride to Afghanistan? I ask because it's the only reason I could think of as to why you missed out on the best weekend gadget news on the internet. No worries, welcome home. Here's what you missed:
• Normal knives just stab. This one stabs, freezes organs, and then explodes them.
• First, it was a spaceship. Then, it was an OPEL commercial.
• Dark Knight was best viewed in IMAX, hands down. Here's why.
• In case you hadn't heard yet, iPhone Pwnage Tool 2.0 is now available (jailbreak and unlock)
• Readers beware of iPhone App Store scams. The iTunes App Store is the exclusive distributor of official iPhone apps, period.

• The Cyber Alice augmented reality system creates a virtual peep show on your desktop.
• It was only a model, but this Lego space elevator was the bee's knees.
• Like Windows? Love convoluted processes? Then enjoy this iPhone pwnage for Windows machines. Kinda.
• One Star Trek-loving watchmaker made himself a kick-ass, hard to break (and read) wristwatch.
• Thwart hit and run drivers with your always on, always watching GPS security system.


Now, go to the Gizmodo home page and read the best gadget news on the face of the earth.

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