We didn't see you around these here parts this weekend at Gizmodo. Were you busy at Comic-Con? Looks like you were! Here's what you missed, Mr. Stark: • Who cares about the corny name, Tr2n looks sharp. Must watch.
• Steve Jobs' health is none of your damn business.
• Nokia's new Tube handset got spotted in the wild with a few smudgy additions on its shiny veneer.
• Are you watching Shark Week? Like, right now? Here's a taste of what happened Sunday.
• Update: The MEDUSA ray gun skips the voices in your head and just blows it up instead.


• Awesome life-size papercraft house, just keep the matches and accelerants away, please.
• Pixar gave a tease of Up, the latest flick to come out of this money-making studio.
Beer belly + Iron Man costume? Must be Comic-Con season.
• Legit or not legit? Check the videos and decide if this police laser jamming equipment is the real deal.
• Is that your shower curtain or is someone brutally murdering a woman in your bathroom?


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