Seriously. Stop skipping out on Gizmodo's weekend coverage to see The Dark Knight again. And again. And again. Sure your efforts are pushing it to the biggest grossing movie of all time, but you're missing out on this:
• There be the new terminator, caught in a screen shot from upcoming Terminator: Salvation.
• Getting out of an ETF: Tough as nails, but worth every penny.
• Solar eclipse as seen from an airplane? Beautiful stuff.
• Who needs the latest tech? One man beat the military with a 56k modem.
• Only the best digital cameras made JD Powers' annual list. Do you agree?


• SpaceX blew up another rocket. Oh, and it contained the ashes of Mr. Scott. FAIL.
• What's the best way to get groceries in Britian? A tank!
• In the future, dinosaur eels will make the best protection.
• If you carry a $40,000 Leatherman, do you really deserve to go camping?
• The new Blackberry theme, Flowberry, is made for Apple poseurs.


Now, get to the homepage for the best gadget news ever seen by human eyes. And watch out for falling SpaceX rockets.

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