What You Missed Last Weekend

When you're done riding the coattails of Olympian Michael Phelps take a look at what you missed this weekend here at Gizmodo: • Leprechauns were drag racing with a 100% functioning miniature V8 Corvette engine. • How did you watch Micheal Phelps win his record breaking 8th Olympic gold medal? • Bono loves the sound of his voice too much: He accidentally leaked U2's next album over his home speaker system. • The Galactic Empire, Death Star and all, was spotted invading San Francisco. • iPhone 2.1 Beta 4 was revealed, but it lacked the highly anticipated Push Notification feature.• Is that the Symbiote on Olympic beach volleyball player Kerri Walsh's shoulder?! • Sorry folks, that alien structure in the Alps is just a medical facility concept. A human medical facility. • Stephen Colbert is afraid of bears, but Apple's iPhone application kill switch doesn't phase him in the least. • I still say this Lexus design concept looks like a bug from the cheesy Starship Troopers movie. • It's ugly as sin, but this $25,000 DIY car kit gets a whopping 225 MPG. Now get thee to the homepage and revel in the awesomeness of the best gadget blog on this great green earth.


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