OK, the Olympics are over. Time to get back into the Gizmodo fold and see what you missed this weekend during the closing ceremonies. Don't worry, there are a few Beijing posts mixed in for nostalgia purposes, but sadly, no beach volleyball: • Tomorrow's solar panels: Made of pizza, nail polish and sprayed on with an ink jet printer. • Apple informed users the App Store bug that crashes your iPhone has been fixed. • The iBasket combines laundry, hampers and the washing machine in one handy device. • Giz got an up close look at the latest 3D movie-making gear. • Aiaiai? It means multi-color, community-designed anti-iPod headphones.

• The Olympics are over, but they live on in these magical Stormtrooper athlete photos. • So Biden's the Dem VP pick; do you know his voting record in the tech and file sharing space? • RC cars were cute little Track and Field workhorses at the Beijing Olympic games. • Please submit your "Ruin the Olympics with Unnecessary Tech" Photoshop entries by Tuesday! • There's no warp drive to speak of, but a touch screen-controlled RC Star Trek Enterprise is worthy of Kirk. Now, get your butt to the homepage and bask in the gadget glory that is Gizmodo.