Unlike Merill Lynch and Lehman Brothers, Gizmodo still exists today, and that means there's a weekend roundup to be read—by you! Here it is, in easy to digest bullet point format: • Dutch designers put a loop in the middle of a freeway. With Photoshop, relax. • His Steveness's license plate bar code thingy explained. • Lego makes it cooler: Dr. Manhattan gets the block treatment. • Is Woodward just trying to sell books, or is there really a super secret killing program going down in Iraq? • A new iPhone app promises 10 second tethering.• Chen got his hands on the Rock Band 2 hardware and they were never the same again. • Speaking of reviews, we also gave the Nike+ iPod Touch workout app a run for its money. Run... get it?! • A rather pricey iPhone app brings you the XBMC interface, and it works with Mac, Windows and Linux. • The shiny, glossy Sprint HTC Touch Diamond is now available and ready for fingerprints. • The Dream Car 123 is ugly as sin, but it's hard not to like the 250 mile range off a single charge. Now, begone! Go forth to the Gizmodo home page!


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