What You Missed Last Weekend

An economy-busting financial crisis is no reason to skip out on Gizmodo's weekend news. Here's your bailout, in the form of our top weekend stories: • Just like the U.S. economy, the LHC broke. Unlike the US economy, it will only take about two months to fix. • I still play with my Wii, but maybe you don't. Let us know, will ya? • Deja Vu! Windows 7 looks a heckuva lot like Vista. • We took a look at the five best, and five worst reasons to take note of Android. We also imagined what your day looks like through the spying eyes of Google. • Ballmer is out in full force cheerleading for Windows Vista. Watch out for flying chairs!• A gorgeous taste of Canon's Mark II HD video raises the question: Who's the hottie?! • It was only a rumor over the weekend, but new details about home activation of the iPhone 3G now appear legit. • It's obvious, sure, but the irony of using Macs to bash Macs with new advertisements is still funny. • Sad, beautiful: Image shows Atlantis and Endeavour together for the last time. • Off the grid iPhone 3G users got a stalker-like warning letter from AT&T about their "bad habits." And with that, good luck to everyone. May you find your way back to the homepage for the latest, greatest gadget news on the Net. Or else.


Sean Robertson

Betcha everyone was too depressed to look at all the shiny new gadgets they could no longer afford. :-(