The only acceptable excuse this week for missing out on Gizmodo's Pulitzer-winning weekend coverage is you were barred from doing so, just like that iPod guy from Apple. Otherwise, you got some reading to do: • Apple passed RIM to take its place as the big number two. • Is the Kindle worth six grand? Amazon thinks it is. • Popsci thinks it's ID'd the top new technologies for 2008. Do you agree?• Girl Talk dishes on why he's a PC, and why that headband might not be ironic. • Some of these Dell Black Friday deals are pretty sweet. • The baddest rocket of them all celebrated a birthday! • A plastic Australian death cage lets you swim with 20-ft. crocodiles. • If aliens do exist, FEMA will be ready for them. So says their official manual anyway. • A new indestructible flashlight we discovered charges in just 90 seconds (and lasts 24 hours!). Now, go with much haste to the Gizmodo homepage ans soak it all in, would ya?