Catch up on the best weekend gadget news with this handy list:
• Is this the thinnest house in the world? You tell us!
• "NSFW" makes its first appearance at the Apple App Store.
• Night vision? Check. Super Soaker filled with piss? Check. Pranksters beware!!!
• Hate Apple something fierce? This little app lets you blow it up over and over.
• This guy's uber camera flash rig made the sun blush. Overkill? Nah.

• Female avatars in the new Sony Home service might as well be red meat in a hungry lion's den.
• Chuck E Cheese is... where a kid can watch mom and dad punch other parents in the face.
• BWAH!? Microsoft took the plunge and made an Apple App Store application? True!
• That annoying dancing Matt guy took a Sony SR1 HD camera into microgravity and discovered something new.
Ninja combo weapons for the win.

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