What You Missed This Weekend

New Year's is over, Steve's unhealthy but OK, and MacWorld 2009 is almost here! While you wait, go and take a gander at everything you missed here at Gizmodo this weekend:


Saturday Brilliance:

• Sony's tiny tot of a VAIO netbook looks to be shiny, bright and expensive. Sounds like Sony to us!
• This handy Star Wars clock looks sharp and reminds smuggler friends that parsecs are a measure of distance, not time.
• Hardcore Xbox 360 FPS fans rejoice! This mod brings legit keyboard and mouse controls to the console.
• Saturday saw nothing but deals, deals, deals on HDTV and other geeky necessities.
• An iPhone poured a beer with its accelerometer. Heaven on earth?


Sunday Funday:

• The NASA Spirit rover, five years on planet, is truly one of humanity's greatest accomplishments.
• No Steve at MacWorld, but Unibody MacBook Pro 17-inchers are a real possibility.
• Speaking of MacWorld, be sure to check out the keynote liveblog right here for instant Apple gratification.
• The Audi R8 supercar is Hot, but its lights? Not so much. They're all LEDs—a first for automobiles!
• Want to see something really, really fake? Like embarrassingly fake? Check this "Product (RED)" iPhone 3G.

Now get to the homepage and read the latest and greatest gadget, MacWorld and CES news.


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Slow weekend for you all, but you sure made up for it on Monday morning. Prepping your CES drinking arms... er, I ,mean, your luggage on the weekend?