What's Apple Planning For iTunes Tomorrow?

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If you head to Apple's US homepage, you'll be greeted with this very special splash page: the company's got an iTunes-related announcement tomorrow morning at 10EST time. But what could it be? Updated:

There's no word yet of specifics, but first on my wish list is putting my music in the cloud. Or maybe wireless syncing. Or maybe Apple TV apps. Or maybe an end to the Beatles standoff. Aw hell, I'd be satisfied if they just backtracked on Ping.


Update: Oh, that. Enjoy your Beatles, folks. I'll be busy throwing a no-streaming temper tantrum over here. [Apple]



i'll be voicing the complaint from thousands of people...

wouldn't it be awesome if the event was about reducing the bloat that is itunes?

don't get me wrong, i love itunes, i'm using it daily actually. but man is messy sometimes.

that being said, i'll be somewhat excited to see what this is all about. hopefully better stability.