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This App Gives You an iOS 7 Notification Center on Any Android Phone

Illustration for article titled This App Gives You an iOS 7 Notification Center on Any Android Phone

Want iOS 7's notification center but don't have an iOS device? No problem. There's a new app called Control Center that will gives you a clone of that feature any Android phone.


The updated notification center lets you access several apps and settings by simply swiping on the bottom of the screen of your iPhone or iPad. With the duplicate app, you get pretty much the same experience on your Android. Once you've installed the app, you can swipe to turn Wi-Fi on or off, adjust volume, and other basic controls, or load up core apps like clock or camera. Plus, design-wise it looks just like iOS 7. So if you want some of the best parts of iOS 7 without actually having to buy an iPhone, here's your chance. [Google Play via BGR]

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WHELP, I'll save us all some time and summarize the expected comments:

"iOS is so much better, Android is copying it! Apple is so innovative!"

"No, Android lets you do whatever you want, even if it's something as stupid as looking like iOS!"

"Oh yeah APPLE FANBOY? Why did Apple take so long to steal Androids notification center?"

"The Lumia 1020 is going to kill everything"


There, I saved about a dozen of you from having to sign up for Burner accounts. Did I miss anything?