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Video Explains What Graphene Is and Why It's a Magic Material

Illustration for article titled Video Explains What Graphene Is and Why Its a Magic Material

So what's the deal with graphene and why does everyone think it's the next big thing? Well, as SciShow says, it conducts electricity better than silver, it conducts heat better than diamonds and even though it's only one atom thick, it's even stronger than steel. So why isn't it more popular and everywhere?


The video explains all you need to know about graphene.

Image by CORE-materials under Creative Commons license

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Captain Cupholder

While his voice and delivery is still pretty grating, I think this video is actually as informative as his video on Transistors, Processors, And Moore's Law - which was published only 2 days earlier - was a steaming pile of horseshit:

He flat-out claims in the Moore's Law video: "We just can't figure out how to manufacture [graphene] yet," and makes a few other patently false claims to boot. I tore that video apart here - obviously for the potential benefit of anyone here at Gizmodo, not for SciShow or this guy (who I don't expect would ever see or care about what I have to say about it).

Here in this Graphene: The Next Big Thing video, he gets it right by completely contradicting himself (without skipping a beat, of course): "graphene was only discovered in 2004." Thanks guy, but it would be nice if you also acknowledged your earlier errors and tossed out the entire Moore's Law video, or at least made the radical changes necessary to fix all the errors in it. We Americans already struggle enough with science, we don't need another "expert" to completely confuse and misinform us.