The PS4 Will Feature Kinect-Like Voice Control

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According to Sony, the PlayStation 4 will feature a voice command system which will allow users to control the console by speaking to it—much like the Xbox One's Kinect-powered system.

The feature will be routed through PlayStation Camera's built-in microphone, and Sony plans to dribble out details of how it might be used soon. The news comes from a Sony press conference at the Gamestop Expo, where a presentation used a slide which proudly boasted of "navigational voice commands" and facial recognition.

It's kind of a step behind Microsoft: the Camera is an optional extra on the PlayStation, while the Kinect comes as standard with the new Xbox One. Still, it does mean that those of us who like shouting at screens can plump for PS4 or Xbox without fear of disappointment. [Polygon via Verge]


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While I like the idea of voice control, the simple fact that the camera is an optional accessory means developers won't give it much support. When a piece of the hardware is unlikely to end up in the majority of homes, developers don't risk making games that depend on it, and at best, will add features that are not really necessary.