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White iPhone 4 Sneaks Out of Factory In Black iPhone 4 Box

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

How do you get your hands on a white iPhone 4? Well, you could always wait until "later this year." Or, you know, smuggle it to Hong Kong in a black iPhone 4 box. Like this one here allegedly was.


The above appears to be a 32GB white iPhone 4, with a white headphone jack and dock connector that suggest its legitimacy:


And while it's notoriously easy to DIY a white model out of a black one, the device in question here has a white home button and doesn't look otherwise fussed with. Here's a better close-up look:

Of course, an operation this shady could only be documented on Twitter, where the supposed smuggler is offering this prize up for sale. Given those circumstances—maybe it's better to wait after all.

UPDATE: A little legwork over at 9to5Mac has us leaning back towards the "fake" camp. It's still not concrete either way, though. But it does add to the overall shadiness of the situation. [ePrice via MIC Gadget]