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Who Needs Towels When You Can Just Stand on a Full Body Air Dryer?

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

If you've yet to find a bathroom towel large enough to suitably dry you after a shower, the solution could be as simple as standing on this unique bathroom accessory for about half-a-minute. It looks like a weigh scale, but it's actually a dryer that blasts you with warm air to quickly and thoroughly dry you without the need for a towel.

So you can think of the Body Dryer as kind of like the hand dryers you'll find in a public washroom, except that it can blast away moisture over your entire body using compressed blasts of ionized air coming from five strategically targeted nozzles. The overall effect is to create a column of air that encircles a user's body as it rises, evaporating and taking moisture with it in the process.


Users can actually choose if they want hot or cold air, but since half the satisfaction of using a towel is the instant warmth it provides, that choice is probably an easy one to make. And besides saving electricity and water since it means you rarely have to wash towels, the Body Dryer is also claimed to be a more hygienic way to dry yourself off.


At the moment functional prototypes of the Body Dryer exist, but its creators are turning to Indiegogo to help fund the development of the final retail version. If you decide to donate to the cause you can donate and 'pre-order' a Body Dryer for just $125. But if you decide to wait until it's officially in production, it will instead cost you $250. [Body Dryer]