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Who You Gonna Call? The Littlest Ghostbuster and His Adorable Ecto-1

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Do you recognize Cooper? Probably not, because he's a year older than the last time you saw him driving a tiny time-traveling DeLorean and wearing an adorable Marty McFly costume. This year, however, Cooper's hitting the trick-or-treating circuit in a wonderful Ghostbusters getup complete with his trusty push car turned into an absolutely amazing miniature Ecto-1.

Designed and built by Cooper's parents, Cory and Jeremy Newton-Smith from RottenKitten Studio, this Ecto-1 is made from everything from cardboard, to soda bottles, to plastic salsa containers.


But thanks to a generous use of tape, some lovely paint and decal details, and even flashing LEDs, Cooper's Ecto-1 almost looks ready for the big screen. Instead, he'll be using it to collect candy, and maybe finally get rid of that ghost that's been haunting his closet at night once and for all. [RottenKitten Studio via Autoblog]


Photos by RottenKitten Studio