Jurassic Park is probably the greatest movie ever made, so the possibility of owning even the tiniest fragment from its history makes me excited. But if tiny fragments aren't enough for you, here's a huge prop that's up on Ebay's block this week: The velociraptor crate cage used in the film. Fake raptor prop included with purchase.


You'll recognize the crate cage from the opening scene of Jurassic Park, in which a poor henchman is eaten by a vicious dino. (Shoot her!) It looks just the way it did in the movie.

Of course, your junk of history won't come cheap: 153 bids have already pushed the prop to just under $100,000 with eight days remaining in the auction. And if you're not in the immediate Los Angeles area, it's going to cost you a lot to ship this thing. In fact, you're gonna need some serious help even if you do live in the area because the listing estimates that it ways "several hundred to 1000 pounds." Sounds like the cage is strong enough to contain a real raptor. [Ebay via Motherboard]

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