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Why Brushing Your Teeth Makes Orange Juice Taste Like Death

If you're going to have a glass of orange juice and brush your teeth (a good idea), there's only one order in which to do them. It makes sense that your minty toothpaste-mouth would make OJ taste weird, but why so down-right heinous?


As Bytesize Science explains, it's because your tongue gets coated with a particularly troublesome foamy oral detergent. It's about as tasty as it sounds. But whatever the reason, it's not the worst thing in the world; you should be brushing your teeth after breakfast anyway, you freak. [Bytesize Science]

Update: Looks like Bytesize Science went and pulled this video for some reason. We're looking into getting it back. Sorry folks.



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I've actually heard the opposite, that because the acid in orange juice will temporarily soften your enamel, brushing immediately after is not recommended. You should wait 30 minutes.