Why CGI doesn't actually suck

It’s popular to poke fun of CG and whine about the overuse of CG special effects in movies and wish for the old days when everything was done with practical effects but that’s not really the case. What’s great about good CG is that it’s totally unnoticeable, so many movies implement CG that you don’t even realize what you’re watching is done by a computer because it looks so real.


But when we see bad CG effects, we cry about how terrible it is. We just aren’t able to praise CG because we don’t even know we’re getting faked out. Here’s an explainer from RocketJump Film School breaking down why CG doesn’t actually suck:

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El Guapo de_NJMIA

All this guy did was reinforce how much CG is in everything we see and practically removes any effort from the view to use their imagination. Is a green screen really need to have someone walk into a bus stop? I know a few makeup artist and their work slaps any CG I’ve seen. I understand it might be needed to bring some aspects of a story to life but not every movie needs it.