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Windows Mobile 7 w/ Zune to Debut at MWC, Will Use Nvidia Tegra

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Spanish blog MuyComputer claims that Microsoft will present the "Zune Phone" this February, at the MWC in Barcelona. According to them, it's 100% confirmed. Since the phone will use Tegra, Nvidia will team with Microsoft for the anti-JesusPhone debut.

Talking to the blog editorial director Javier Pérez Cortijo, he told me that "the Zune Phone presentation at Barcelona's Mobile World Congress 2010 is 100% confirmed." I've been a close friend of Javier for a couple of decades—he was my first editor—and I completely trust his sources and his judgement, so this is a good one.


As we've heard before, this isn't actually going to be a "Zune Phone" in that it's Zune, with a phone attached. It's going to be Windows Mobile 7 with Zune software, just like how the iPhone has iPod software on it. The presentation of the Windows Mobile 7 at MWC 2010, which we've been hearing about for a few months now, seems to be inline with the mention of three phones in the Zune software last week, and previous rumors about its introduction.


Click to viewMuyComputer says that the phone will have a 480 x 272 screen, HDMI video out, and weigh around 2.45 ounces (70 grams). [MuyComputer - In Spanish]

The image is a mockup, not the real thing