Windows Phone Finally Gets Instagram (And a Bunch More Apps)

Illustration for article titled Windows Phone Finally Gets Instagram (And a Bunch More Apps)

Instagram is finally officially coming to Windows Phone via Nokia Lumias, Nokia just announced at Nokia World. Yes, you can finally stop using that silly Hipstamatic workaround.


The photo-sharing app will launch on Windows Phone in the "coming weeks." And to sweeten the deal, Windows Phone is also getting Flipboard, Vine, Temple Run 2, EA Sports, Vyclone Pro, Xbox Video, and WhatsApp, among other apps the Microsoft platform has so sorely been missing.

Sure, Windows Phone users have technically been able to post to Instagram for several months now, but you had to use a workaround via Hipstamatic or some other bootleg apps. But now you can ditch that whole process, because Instagram for Windows Phone is actually—and at long last—real.



WhatsApp have been around quite long for Windows Phone.

I have used it since December when I got my Windows phone,
So it's been around for at least that amount of time.