These New iOS 7 Icons Sure Look Familiar

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Apple's new app icons sure are something, aren't they? Each one is so delightful and cheery and vibrant. Who knew shading would look so much better than drop shadows! But wait! I think I've seen some of these before.


That Game Center icon looks a lot like Living Social's color blob. At least we now know what Apple did with that Color acquisition, too! Crazy, I know. This wouldn't be the first time, though. Apple did "borrow" the Swiss National Railway's clock for its new clock icon in iOS 6.

I can't quite put my finger on any of the rest but maybe you're seeing something I'm not?

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I am no longer on this site. Am on twitter as @PixelSnader

Wow. Christ, this is horrible:

-far too abstract to see whatever the apps are
-one is flat, the other is still extremely bubbly
-they don't use the same kind of colors, the top ones are more grayish/pastel.
-compared to the background and the rest of the OS, this is light colors on light colors.

Flatter design is fine, but they should have aimed more for something like this:

(though the maps of this isn't exactly great, and some others could use slight tweaks)