Remember that traumatizing scene in Final Destination 3 where hapless characters get fried to death in tanning beds? This story is like that, but reversed, and real, and fucking horrifying: A salon manager died inside a cryotherapy chamber last week.

Twenty-four-year-old Chelsea Ake worked for Las Vegas cryotherapy salon Rejuvenice, which promises health and beauty enhancements by blasting your body with air as cold as -240 degrees Fahrenheit. Developed to treat sore muscles, it’s getting trendy as a weight-loss treatment. Ake died inside one of the full-body cryotherapy machines, and investigators have cited “operator error” for her death. Ake’s friend Shae-Lynn Bee told local reporters that Ake did not turn off the machine before entering it.


Medical examiners told Ake’s family that she died within seconds, though it’s not clear whether she suffocated, or had another medical emergency. Lab results for the autopsy won’t be available for six to eight weeks. My nightmares, however, are already fully formed.

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Screenshot: News 3LV

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