World's First Fully Organic Flexible OLED Will Wrap Around Your Wrist

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The idea of truly flexible displays never gets boring, and now Plastic Logic is taking us one step closer. Its latest flexible OLED is the world's first to be made using fully organic transistors—and it's surprisingly pleasing display could wrap around your entire wrist.

The bendable screen, which features 256 grey levels and full 30fps image rendering, perhaps suggests that organic transistor technology might be the best shot that manufacturers have at making the mythical roll-up tablet that we all long to shove in our back pocket. Rather than, y'know, a phone with a slightly curved face.


In fact, Plastic Logic reckons that this screen is destined for wearables in the near future. It hopes that the displays will be used to conform to the curved and irregular shapes of the human body, like screens that wrap around your entire wrist. On show at this week's SID Display Week show, it's calling out for OEMs to use them as soon as possible. We hope they do.